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2012 Roast Offerings - Blended Coffees

(These coffees can be brewed in any method, like all our coffees, though some prefer these as espresso coffees)

  • Afternoon Rain – this blend was inspired as we  travelled in growing areas where they have rain each afternoon and take time to socialize and enjoy great coffee.  After the rain passes the world is fresh the air is clear, the sky is radiant and you are refreshed.  Roasted Medium
  • Almost Sinful – ½ of this coffee is from Swiss Water Decaffeinated beans with the balance coming from Central and South America – gourmet taste ½ the caffeine. Roasted Medium
  • Mocha Java (sw) – the original Dutch coffee house coffee with a combination of Ethiopian and Indonesia green beans.  Roasted Medium Dark
  • Mount Albert – this is a world tour of great coffee in a single cup – each growing region is represented and the key aromas and unique tastes they offered can be tasted in the cup – brew it any way your prefer.  This is a superb coffee for espresso or French Press.  Roasted Medium
  • Mount Cornwall Gold - coffee was introduced to Gold Country in BC through the young adventurers from Central America who brought bags of green coffee with them on their journey to the gold fields.  This is a wonderful blend of our high grown coffees from Central America.  Roasted Medium.
  • Decaf Espresso sw – a gourmet blend from the Swiss Water Decaf Company – wonderful taste and no caffeine.   Roasted Medium Dark
  • Tropical Rain Forest (sw) -  This gentle blend has the view of the world from the mists of the rainforest canopy yet grounded in the tastes and aromas of a truly unique cup.

Coffees that have this symbol “sw” behind them are also available with beans from the Swiss Water Decaf Company – same great flavours without the caffeine.


  • Half Caf Blends – the coffees we have with similar origin beans from the Swiss Water Decaffination process are roasted and blended to create wonderful full taste with only ½ of the caffeine.  These are joining “Almost Sinful” as favourites for many of our best customers.  Try them soon.  

Remember – coffee is packed by weight not volume.  Weigh your coffee and measure your water to assure you will always brew and serve your coffees at their best.  Also if your water tastes funny your coffee will also taste funny.  Enjoy great coffee. 


2013 Roast Offerings - Single Origin Coffees

Single Origin Coffees

  • Bolivia "cf" – bold, balanced, a great cup of coffee.  Roasted Medium Dark
  • Brazil Poco Fundo Cooperative – a blend of Catuis and Novo Mundo varietal beans a true gourmet coffee full body, chocolate notes, and a hint of being sprinkled with freshly toasted nuts.  Roasted Medium Light
  • Columbia "cf" – rich flavour, big body, aromatic and bright.  Roasted Medium
  • Costa Rica SHB sw – high grown coffee with a mild slightly tart taste and medium body. Roasted Medium
  • Dominican Republic “Bani” "cf"– a full bodied light & bright, yet very a bold cup.  Roasted Medium Light
  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe sw – a fine Ethiopian coffee with full body, fragrant, hints of citrus a coffee adventure.  Roasted Medium
  • Guatemala SHB "cf"– medium body, lovely aroma, complex acidity, a smooth cup with a chocolate note.  Roasted Medium Dark
  • Nicaragua – a classic cup, great body, clean flavour and balance, delicate caramel tones. Roasted Medium Dark
  • Papua New Guinea – a truly under appreciated Indonesian coffee, sweet acidic flavour with a mild medium body and earthy tones.  Roasted Medium
  • Peru HB "cf"sw  – this is a full bodied coffee with sweet flavour tones in a balanced profile.  Roasted Medium Light
  • Sumatra sw – a tradition Indonesian with syrupy body, low acidity, earthy flavours with a herbal aroma.  Roasted Medium Dark

Origins with a "sw" behind them are also available in decaffinated form.  All our decaf coffees come from the Swiss Water Decaffination process and are from the highest quality of beans. 

Origins with a "cf" behind them are sourced through the Cafe Feminino project.  This project helps women and families run their coffee farms in countries where they often have little or no economic or political support.  For more information on this project check thier website

Taste Our New Inventory

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Wellness Awaits You

Beans Roasted Rite Coffee Company is excited to be a part of Ashcroft’s brand “Wellness Awaits You”.  
We are a local company that supports small farmers around the world who bring us the high quality green coffee beans that are roasted to become the fine coffees we offer to you.  We pay our growers a premium and in return we receive only the top 5% in quality from each crop year.  This principles give us our motto Quality of Life, Locally and Globally, One Cup at a Time.  Because we are a small company we can assure you that you will always be purchasing the highest quality of freshly roasted coffee available anywhere. 

Telephone: 250-457-3020
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Our coffees are available through Safety Mart and Desert Hills Ranch in Ashcroft, with private label blends served at the Packing House Restaurant in Spences Bridge and the Blue Sage Bed & Breakfast.  These are also available for purchase at these locations. . 

To order any of these fine coffees click on our e-mail above and we will give you a quote for your order.  If you are interested in a special blend or a private label we would be pleased to discuss this with you.   We prepare sample gift packs that are will be appreciated by your employees or clients.  We can send these to you under our label or with special labels to honor your event or clients. 

All our coffees are packaged and sold with a "roasted on" date so you will always know you are drinking fresh coffee. 

Locally and Globally One Cup at a Time!

The keys to great coffee:

Great coffee requires quality green beans roasted to draw out the potential within.  Here are the keys to getting the most out of the artisan coffee you bring home:

  1. Grind: use the appropriate grind for your brewing style.  A general rule – longer brewing times (French Press) should be paired with coarser particles. Shorter brewing times (Espresso) finer particles.  Drip is in between these two.  
  2. Use the correct water/coffee ratio: 
    1. 1.2 litres = 65 grams coffee
    2. 1.1 litres = 62 grams coffee
    3. 1 liter = 55 grams coffee
    4. .9 litres = 50 grams coffee
    5. .8 litres = 45 grams coffee
    6. .7 litres = 39 grams coffee
    7. .6 litres = 34 grams coffee
    8. .5 litres = 28 grams coffee
    9. .25 litres = 14 grams coffee
  3. Proper brewing equipment: Your brewing method should assure a water temperature 92-96 C° (195-205 F°). Appropriate contact time between the water and the ground coffee and sufficient turbulence for the process.  
  4. Good Quality Water:
  5. Brewing Methods: Great coffee comes from all brewing methods.  Always keep the first four keys in balance.

Enjoy great coffee regularly!

How Coffee Makes Our World Better!

You will likely notice slight differences in the flavour profile of your favourite Beans Roasted Rite Coffees.  We are opening new bags of coffee from several of our regular sources.  Like wine, these beans will reflect the growing season in the country of origin.  We will do our best to match the roast profiles you are used to.  

Our motto “Quality of Life – Locally and Globally – One Cup at a Time!” is founded on the ideals of supporting small producers and businesses wherever they are.  

The past two years have been interesting for the coffee growers in virtually all of the major coffee growing regions of the world – draught, monsoons, earthquakes, volcanoes and hurricanes have reduced the harvest.  While our specialty coffee producers have been impacted by these climatic events they are still offering us the 5% - the highest quality of their harvest.  This small % of their crop gives them their highest margins and allows them to continue their educational and health initiatives for their workers.  Coffee prices have risen dramatically on the contract and spot markets – and Beans Roasted Rite will have to initiate new pricing later this fall.  

Quality of Life is yours – Enjoy it!