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Sumatra Takengon

This wonderful Indonesian Coffee had a wonderful low acidity, earthy flavours, slightly syrupy body and a wonderful full mouth taste. 

The past decade has been very hard for coffee farmers in Indonesian, monsoons, mud slides, earthquakes, road washouts have made it increasingly difficult for growers to get their crops to market.  This certified coffee assures that a high percentage of my purchase price goes directly to assure the quality of life of the farmers and their families. 

This is one of our fastest moving single source coffees. 

Peru HB

Another high grown coffee with a full, yet not heavy, body.  The herbal and floral aromas lead you to a spicy chocolate taste and is truly enjoyable. 

This is one of our Cafe Femenino Coffees.

Papua New Guinea

A truly under appreciated Indonesian coffee.  Sweet flavour with a medium body and healthy earthy tones.  Roasted Medium.

Currently this has very limited availability. 


For many this is a classic cup of coffee.  Something familiar yet new.  Great body, balanced and clean flavour, delicate carmel tones.  Roasted Medium. 


Where to start?  This is a coffee with berry and vanilla tones, a juicy mouthfeel.  The carmelized sugar flavour melds toward toasted parline.  This is an attractive cup that finishes with an almost desert ilke sweetness.

This is one of our Cafe Femenino Coffees. 

Ethiopia Harrar

This is a wonderful coffee - some prefer to use this as an espresso coffee, for which it is ideally suited even though it is not a blend.  It has a simple sweetness, like orange blossom honey with the sensual flavours of chocolate and figs.  It has a great body and wonderful mouth feel.  Roaste Medium. 

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

This is one of our best selling single origin coffee.  This might be because coffee and humanity evolved in Ethiopia at the same time in geological history. 

 This medium roasted coffee has delicate and sweet flavour.  The fruity and floral aroma entice your senses while the gentle flavours of jasmine, caramel and honey linger without any heavy coffee aftertaste. 

Roasted Medium to bring out the full richness of the flavour profile. 




This a a full bodied, yet light and bright cup.  Some say it is "bold" in a Canadian sort of way.  Roasted Medium Light.

This is one of our Cafe Femenino Coffees

Costa Rica SHB

This is a high grown coffee with medium body and mild taste.  For those who like to wake up gently this is a wonderful breakfast coffee.  Roasted Medium.


This Columbian coffee has a rich flavour, big body.  It is aromatic and bright.  Roasted Medium

This is one of our Cafe Femenino Coffees

Brazil Ipanema Espresso

This is a rich sensual coffee with an enjoyable and complete flavour profile.  It works well in all brewing methods.  Roasted Medium.

Brazil Ipanema Gourmet

This is a true gourmet coffee.  It is a blend of Icatu and Novo Mundo varietal green beans roasted medium light.  It is sensual in the mouth with floral and chocolate notes. 


a bold, balanced cup of coffee that feels creamy on the palate. This coffee has a deep but subtle flavour with berry, chocolate, butterscotch and vanilla notes.   Roasted Medium. 

This is one of our Cafe Femenino coffees.