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Almost Sinful

This blend has such a rich wonderful mouth feel that some have called it "sinfully good".  However, this blend contains 50% Swiss Water Decaffinated beans meaning that while it may taste sinfully good - it is only "almost sinful"!

Costa Rica

This is a 50/50 mix of our regular and SW decaffinated Costa Rican coffees.  All the wonderful light tastes and flavours with only 1/2 of the caffienne. 

Ethiopia Half Caf

Ethiopia is the birthplace of both coffee and humanity.  [Interesting how these two items evolved in the same place at the same time.]

This is a blend of our Yirgacheffe and our SW decaffinated Sidamo beans mixing the fruity florals of the Yirgacheffe with the chocolate honey sweetness of the Sidamo.  All of the flavour with only 1/2 of the caffienne. 



This is a 50/50 of our regular and Swiss Water Decaf beans.  The regular and decaf beans are roasted individually to assure we are able to maximize their flavour profile and then blended. 

This is a full bodied, south american coffee with low acidity and light fruity sweet flavour notes. 

This is a blend of our Cafe Femenino Coffees from Peru. 


This is a 50/50 blend of our regular Sumatra and Swiss Water Decaf beans.  Each is roasted individually to allow the best flavour profile then blended.  For those wanting to reduce their caffienne intake but feel that decaffinated coffees don't have the same taste - this is a way to balance both aspects of your daily coffee.