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Costa Rica

This is a high grown coffee with a mild taste and medium body.  The beans have been processed using the Swiss Water Decaffination process and roasted mediu.  Like our regular Costa Rican coffee this is a wonderful gentle coffee often used as a breakfast coffee. 

Ethiopia Sidamo

The Swiss Water Decaffination Company has dramatically improved their processes over the past few years.  Most people are no longer able to identify a SWD cup from a regular cup (unless they get the caffienne buzz). 

This medium roasted coffee has suggestions of your favourite coffee cake with a orange blossom sweetness.  Nutty dark chocolate flavours with a long finish. 

Peru SWD

These beans come from the same certified source as our regular Peru coffee.  They have been processed in Burnaby using the Swiss Water Decaffination process to naturally remove over 99% of the caffienne. 

This is a wonderful south american coffee with a traditional coffee taste - full body, low acidity and some fruity sweet flavour notes. 

This is one of our Cafe Femenino Coffees. 


These green beans come from the same source as our regular Sumatra coffee.  It is processed in Burnaby using the Swiss Water Decafination process assuring you that over 99% of the caffenine has been naturally removed. 

The taste, body, low acidity and full mouth flavour is virtually the same as our regular Sumatra roasts.