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Afternoon Rain

In many of the coffee growing regions of the world there is rain each afternoon.  In some countries you may set your clock by the showers.  At this time the natives stop, have a coffee, converse and enjoy life.  This blend features coffees from some of the countries that share afternoon rain showers.  The origins are roasted individually and then blended to make a very special coffee for your afternoon break (rain or shine). 

This coffee may be brewed in your favourite brewing method.  Each will give you a wonderful cup of coffee. 

Mocha Java

This is the Beans Roasted Rite variation on the original Dutch coffee house coffee.  Dutch traders would bring Indonesian coffee with them on each trip.  They traded along the route home and in Ethiopia they would pick up addtional coffee as "balast" to lower the ship and make it easier to sail around the cape.  In Holland they would get premium prices for their Indonesian coffees and make a more than fair profit on selling off their "balast" (Ethiopian coffees).  The coffee house owners then blended these to increase their profit as well. 

This is our single highest selling coffee in both regular and Swiss Water Decaffinated.  It is almost impossible to keep in stock. 

Mount Albert

This is a joyour world tour of great coffees in a single cup.  Each major growing region is represented and there is a wonderful balance as their unique flavours and aromas are tasted.  A superb coffee for your favourite brewing method.  Roasted Medium. 

Mount Cornwall Gold

 This is a blend of specialty coffees from Caribbean and Central American growers.  Where possible all the coffees are from our Cafe Femenino suppliers.  This is a very light, bright cup of coffee with a natural sweetness and gentl floral and nutty notes.