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Wellness Awaits You

Beans Roasted Rite Coffee Company is excited to be a part of Ashcroft’s brand “Wellness Awaits You”.  
We are a local company that supports small farmers around the world who bring us the high quality green coffee beans that are roasted to become the fine coffees we offer to you.  We pay our growers a premium and in return we receive only the top 5% in quality from each crop year.  This principles give us our motto Quality of Life, Locally and Globally, One Cup at a Time.  Because we are a small company we can assure you that you will always be purchasing the highest quality of freshly roasted coffee available anywhere. 

Telephone: 250-457-3020
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Our coffees are available through Safety Mart and Desert Hills Ranch in Ashcroft, with private label blends served at the Packing House Restaurant in Spences Bridge and the Blue Sage Bed & Breakfast.  These are also available for purchase at these locations. . 

To order any of these fine coffees click on our e-mail above and we will give you a quote for your order.  If you are interested in a special blend or a private label we would be pleased to discuss this with you.   We prepare sample gift packs that are will be appreciated by your employees or clients.  We can send these to you under our label or with special labels to honor your event or clients. 

All our coffees are packaged and sold with a "roasted on" date so you will always know you are drinking fresh coffee.