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2013 Roast Offerings - Single Origin Coffees

Single Origin Coffees

  • Bolivia "cf" – bold, balanced, a great cup of coffee.  Roasted Medium Dark
  • Brazil Poco Fundo Cooperative – a blend of Catuis and Novo Mundo varietal beans a true gourmet coffee full body, chocolate notes, and a hint of being sprinkled with freshly toasted nuts.  Roasted Medium Light
  • Columbia "cf" – rich flavour, big body, aromatic and bright.  Roasted Medium
  • Costa Rica SHB sw – high grown coffee with a mild slightly tart taste and medium body. Roasted Medium
  • Dominican Republic “Bani” "cf"– a full bodied light & bright, yet very a bold cup.  Roasted Medium Light
  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe sw – a fine Ethiopian coffee with full body, fragrant, hints of citrus a coffee adventure.  Roasted Medium
  • Guatemala SHB "cf"– medium body, lovely aroma, complex acidity, a smooth cup with a chocolate note.  Roasted Medium Dark
  • Nicaragua – a classic cup, great body, clean flavour and balance, delicate caramel tones. Roasted Medium Dark
  • Papua New Guinea – a truly under appreciated Indonesian coffee, sweet acidic flavour with a mild medium body and earthy tones.  Roasted Medium
  • Peru HB "cf"sw  – this is a full bodied coffee with sweet flavour tones in a balanced profile.  Roasted Medium Light
  • Sumatra sw – a tradition Indonesian with syrupy body, low acidity, earthy flavours with a herbal aroma.  Roasted Medium Dark

Origins with a "sw" behind them are also available in decaffinated form.  All our decaf coffees come from the Swiss Water Decaffination process and are from the highest quality of beans. 

Origins with a "cf" behind them are sourced through the Cafe Feminino project.  This project helps women and families run their coffee farms in countries where they often have little or no economic or political support.  For more information on this project check thier website