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How Coffee Makes Our World Better!

You will likely notice slight differences in the flavour profile of your favourite Beans Roasted Rite Coffees.  We are opening new bags of coffee from several of our regular sources.  Like wine, these beans will reflect the growing season in the country of origin.  We will do our best to match the roast profiles you are used to.  

Our motto “Quality of Life – Locally and Globally – One Cup at a Time!” is founded on the ideals of supporting small producers and businesses wherever they are.  

The past two years have been interesting for the coffee growers in virtually all of the major coffee growing regions of the world – draught, monsoons, earthquakes, volcanoes and hurricanes have reduced the harvest.  While our specialty coffee producers have been impacted by these climatic events they are still offering us the 5% - the highest quality of their harvest.  This small % of their crop gives them their highest margins and allows them to continue their educational and health initiatives for their workers.  Coffee prices have risen dramatically on the contract and spot markets – and Beans Roasted Rite will have to initiate new pricing later this fall.  

Quality of Life is yours – Enjoy it!